Have you ever wanted to be a futuristic space dwarf? How about mining a visually stunning procedurally generated world for ores while fighting off space bugs? How about doing all of those things with three buddies by your side.  Ghost Ship Games aims to deliver this unique cooperative experience taking notes from famous titles such as Left 4 Dead and Minecraft.


Each dwarf has a purpose and represents a different class, so you’ll have to team up with your closest friends in order to successfully travers the hazardous underground tunnels and caverns to achieve your goal.  Whether you want to help map out the area as a Navigator, focus on digging as a Driller, defend as an Engineer or just be the hired muscle as the Gunner, there’s a class for you.  And with each dwarf sporting strong character designs, you can’t help but feel immersed upon spawning.


My personal first impression was “this must be what it’s like to be one of the seven dwarfs during a work day…except with guns…and giant space bugs…and in space…and with my friends…” and somehow this is exactly what I want, without even knowing that I wanted it.


With less than a year under their belt, Ghost Ship Games is still in early in their development cycle. Deep Rock Galactic sets itself apart from other games by offering simple, yet striking visuals, with cooperative team play for those who love a good old fashion game night with your buds.  It’s still too early to give any more of an impression, but we do look forward to see how Deep Rock evolves with the continuation of it’s development cycle.

Booster Greg

A cartoonist, 3D Game Artist, video game and comic book nerd.Boost has been known to speak in obscure pop culture references. Rumor has it his password is New England Clam Chowder, but nobody can ever remember if it was the red or the white.
Booster Greg