Have you ever wanted to star in your very own Chinese Martial Arts Film? Do you want to play an entertaining game which gives you classy 3D and side scrolling action? Then you should absolutely check out Hidden Dragon Legend, a Chinese Indie Game by Mega Fun Games. This side scrolling 3D action adventure is the story of the sword wielding warrior Lu and his quest for revenge. Fight through ancient China against the organization Yao and explore the darker side of the Tang Dynasty.

I personally had a chance to demo this game during PAX East and it is a lot of fun. Hidden Dragon Legend reminded me a lot of the Shinobi game series from back in the 90s because of the side scrolling game play and martial arts aspect, but that is where the similarity ends. Current gen graphics on a platform style gameplay, combo attacks which do devastating damage, jump puzzles, and in game cinematics makes this game a fun ride.

Playing it, you feel as though you are in a Kung Fu flick which could easily star Donnie Yen or Jet Li. This game really brought me back to the side scrolling fighting games of my childhood with its combo system and all out game play. Lu has a dash/evade move which makes you feel like Stryder and if you evade an attack just right you can counter with a multitude of powerful attacks.

The jump puzzle system is also very well thought out. To solve most puzzles you need a combination of timing, attacks, your grappling hook, and knowing when to use your double jump and dash. Yes, they gave us a double jump which you can activate and use at anytime which resets as soon as you land on a platform. In one jump puzzle for instance I stayed in the air moving from swing to swing with my grappling hook, which makes you feel like Spider-Man by the way, and right when I needed to land on the last platform, both double jump and dash were needed to reach it. If I used double jump anywhere else while I was in the air then I would not be able to reach the last platform and would have to restart the whole puzzle from the beginning.

Dash can be activated at anytime and in succession while on the ground however you do have an energy bar for it and a slight cool down time of a second or so. The grappling hook can be used to hook onto objects and climb, or used to hook onto smaller enemies and pull them towards you. Comes in handy if an enemy is firing at you with a cross bow.

Long story short guys, I really liked this game and had a lot of fun with it. Hidden Dragon Legend is set to come out sometime in 2017 on XBox One, PS4 and Steam. Make sure to give Hidden Dragon Legend a follow on their Twitter page and let them know the guys over at BadCoyoteFunky sent you.



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