The Mass Effect series has always been near and dear to our hearts ever since we played the first game back in 2007. BioWare has descended upon PAX East with their band new title Andromeda, a new and fresh reboot into the series. We dove right into the multiplayer demo which enabled us to play a few staple classes to the Mass Effect series, Vanguard, Sentinel, Adept and Solider. The controls felt solid and familiar as we blasted away each wave of alien beast in horde mode, the graphics from the Frostbite 3 engine were crisp, offering a level of realism never before seen in the series as well as enabling the developers to open up environments vertically as well as spatially. We were not allowed to photograph any of the multiplayer but we can tell you that it got the blood pumping as the fast paced action kept us on our toes ( a hell of a lot faster than we thought), the weapons were as precise and as powerful as your aim (with some leeway given to the console auto-aim). The biotic powers we all know and love return with some extra punch! You can also bookmark or “favorite” biotic powers from other classes to use on your current character, meaning if you are a Vanguard, you can use an ability from the Adept class once unlocked during gameplay.


BioWare gave us a sneak peek at the single player story of Mass Effect: Andromeda during their panel at PAX East. The talented developers showcased the new choice system in which you no longer choose “light side/dark side” dialogue, but instead, chose conversational “tones” that appear more human in design. Instead of selecting the option to the right for dark points or left for light, you will have more conversation options to steer the narrative that aren’t so black and white, however, the BioWarians did point out that at certain moments in the game there will be only two options to choose from in order to drive that particular plot point forward.


Space exploration has been fleshed out to put the games focus on discovery, rather than jumping from combat sequence to corridor dialogue to combat sequence, your ship will move from system to system in first person when you explore the galaxy and as such, once you arrive, you can view your new location through the open glass cockpit of your ship, as well as your crew quarters. Think No Man’s Sky travel on rails.

The humor in this game got the crowd roaring as we were treated to the dialogue between squad and the new “Shepard’. The developers boasted that even they have not heard all the lines of dialogue spoken from each crew member combination, even after working on certain aspects of the game for years.

We look forward to the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda on launch day March 21 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. EA Access subscribers on Xbox One or Origin Access will get to play a sneak preview of the game March 16.

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