Dreadnought puts you at the helm of a massive ship of war as a mercenary captain. Your goals are simple, master your ship, reap the rewards of war, and gain fame and fortune. Dreadnought gives you the option to choose from one of the five ship classes to command, Dreadnought, Artillery Cruiser, Destroyer, Tactical Cruiser, and Corvette. Each ship class also has three sub classes to choose from with a varying number of weapon customization, paint schemes, and decals all to fit the captain that commands them.


Artillery Cruiser:


Tactical Cruiser:


The ships vary in play style from the slow moving but heavily armored Dreadnought class to the fast moving scout ships of the Corvette class. For now two game modes are available for the game.

Team Death Match: The classic game mode of the team with the most kills wins. Each time you die you can respawn as a new ship type if you chose to.

Team Elimination: You only get one life in your ship. The goal, to destroy the other capitol ships, best out of three wins.

Class-Based style game play, big interstellar war ships, fame, fortune, and the chance to make your own Star Destroyer. Whats not to love?

I myself am interested to play this as it does remind me a bit of the PSOne classic Colony Wars but on a larger scale. Make sure to sign up for the Beta for Dreadnought here and do keep any eye out for the BCF staff out in the battlefield.

As always, this is David The Bearded Menace Valle saying be easy and stay frosty out there.

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