PlayStation live streamed an event that should have shook the industry, but instead asked us if we liked what it was wearing. The secret PlayStation Neo machine has been revealed to the public as the “PlayStation Pro”, promising better graphics, better hardware, and a more immersive and beautiful gaming experience for years to come.


“With PlayStation 4 Pro our goal is to deliver innovation in the form of cutting-edge visuals and graphics while in the midst of the PS4’s lifecycle. PS4 Pro, which launches November 10, 2016, for a suggested retail price of $399.99, enhances PS4 games by supporting the latest in imaging technology through 4K resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR), as well as smoother frame rates.”

The Promise

PlayStation Lead System Architect Mark Cerny, promises a better console for players who buy the PlayStation 4 Pro with a couple of fun buzzwords that both delight the optimistic console consumer, and sarcastically tickle the funny bone of veteran PC gamers. In the presentation we are told the PS4 Pro has an over clocked CPU, a boosted GPU using an AMD chip, a 1TB hard drive standard, and will allow players to cleanly transfer game content from previous systems to its bigger brother. Also promised are the improved 4K and HDR graphics for new games in development such as Mass Effect Andromeda, and a few of the current game titles will get the 4K treatment. We as gamers are very skeptical as to what is being promised and what is actually delivered, and although the promise of 4K gaming on console is very welcomed and intriguing, how will those games handle in regards to frame rate? We won’t know until we get our hands on these games in the coming future, until then we only have promises.

Here you can see the scale from regular 720p, your standard 1080p native to all living room tvs and computer monitors, and 4K resolution.

image is not at 4K resolution

PlayStation showed 4K game footage by way of the upcoming Spider-Man game, Mass Effect: Andromeda “in-game” demo, and boasted that current games will receive a 4K upgrade if a development house so chooses.

The PS4 Pro will also promise improve the experience of the PlayStation VR as it will increase frame rates and game resolution. In my opinion this is the main reason Sony has released a newer PlayStation 4 model with better hardware. Virtual Reality is the future of gaming and the current system can handle the PS VR games, but not at full 1080p, and not at a standard of 60fps. We got to demo a few PlayStation VR games such as Eve Valkyrie, and an under the sea shark cage cinematic experience, and let me just say, i’m excited to own one of these bad boys in my home. The HTC Vive currently has the best VR experience money can buy, but if you do not want to be on a payment plan, then PlayStation VR is your best bet at launching your living room into the future.

Priced at $399 the PlayStation Pro will be released on November 10, 2016.

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