The official trailer for the much anticipated Power Rangers movie has dropped and I have to say I am very underwhelmed by what Lionsgate Movies has produced. I have stated in the past that I was excited to see this film, especially since the Power Rangers morph into their suits similar to the scifi character Guyver, but this trailer fizzles instead of pops.

Visually this movie looks like it’s going to be fantastic. I like what they did with Zordon and I’m still a fan of how the Power Rangers morph. Originally the morphing process was never shown, just a cut scene from “Morphin Time” to suit.

It’s a Power Rangers movie so we know, or at least hope, we will get some pretty awesome fight scenes and some pretty good Zord Vs. Monster action.

I was still on the ride for most of the trailer until Kanye West started playing. Not that there is anything wrong with Kanye West, it’s just his song makes no sense for this trailer or movie. And of course there was Goldar…

I know Goldar was always cheesy in the original Power Rangers series but this new Goldar looks very…for lack of a better word stupid. He looks like an old Goldar action figure that melted in the oven. The line the Black Ranger says “that’s a lot of gold.” seems forced.

I feel like this movie will be a combination of good special effects and cringe worthy dialog but I’m still willing to see it.

That’s it for me folks, as always this is Dave The Bearded Menace Valle saying be easy and stay frosty out there.


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