Sony has officially released the details for the upcoming PS4 4.00 update, which has been codenamed Shingen.  The beta rolled out not too long ago, where select users got to test the latest and greatest before it hit.  Here are some of the key updates that you will recognize right off the bat!

UI Refresh

Nothing too crazy here, some new system backgrounds, a revised “What’s New” tab, and updated popups and system icons will probably be the first thing you notice.

Quick Menu

When you press and hold the PS button (the small circular button that brings you to your home screen) it brings up the current Quick Menu, which takes you out of the game and kind of pulls you out of the experience.  Update 4.00 aims to fix this so that the Quick Menu only shows up on the left side of your screen, which kind of reminds me of the blades theme from Xbox 360 years ago.

You will be able to see who’s online, access your Party and more without ever wondering if you are alive when you jump back into your game.  You can even customize the Quick Menu to keep the options you use on a regular basis instead of the clutter of Share Play.

Share Menu

The Share Menu is what takes over your screen when you’re about to share content, or create shareable content.  Well not anymore!  The Share Menu will have a cohesive view with the Quick Menu and will only take up a small portion of your screen as an overlay.

You can also upload longer clips to Twitter with a new and improved 140 second cap (14 times longer than before)

Folders and Library Organization

The subject says it all, you will be able to organize your library by putting them in folders (I can’t wait to make my Naughty Dog folder!)  This has been a highly requested feature that Sony is proud to add. They also added different ways to sort your content, whether it be by name, purchase date or install status.

You will also notice that a “Purchased” tab will show up which shows everything you have ever downloaded ever on your PS4.  the Games and Applications tab will focus on what is installed on your device, which should help make things look nice and organized.

Trophy Improvements

Nothing too crazy here, there is an offline mode where you can see your trophy list without having an internet connection. Trophy Hunting might be easier now that you can choose to turn on hidden trophies for those hard to figure out challenges. The visuals for Trophy rarity will change too, with the UI favoring a pyramid type look with the most rare Trophies on the top.

User Profile

This feature has also been the weak link in the UI for me, personally.  With the improvements you will be able to see Trophy comparisons right from their main page and you can add a custom background image to your own profile.

What do you guys think? Are you excited for a new and improved experienced, or are you kind of annoyed that you’ll have to wait through another update?

Source [Sony Playstation]

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