No matter your opinion of Netflix Daredevil’s latest season, there’s no arguing that Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle (The Punisher) stole the show. Now it would appear that Marvel and Netflix agree. Variety has confirmed that Netflix has ordered a Punisher spinoff series. The new show will be helmed by Steve Lightfoot (“Hannibal”) who, among other roles, will be the Showrunner.


Netflix also announced the series today on their twitter page:

This is quite the development for Marvel. As recently as February 23rd, Marvel wasn’t even set on the idea. Marvel Television’s Executive Vice President Jeph Loeb stated:

“I think that’s something that people are speculating on, as opposed to something that’s actually happening,”

daredevil-punisher2This goes to show just how well received The Punisher was this past season. His major role brought a whole new level of ruthlessness to the already dark and gritty Daredevil. It will be quite the ride seeing where the character goes when liberated from the moral compass of Daredevil.

What nemesis do you think The Punisher will face in his upcoming series? Will he find himself allies or enemies with Marvel’s growing group of Netflix heroes.


Amber Sbriglio

Amber Sbriglio

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Amber Sbriglio