Welcome to this week in k-pop! I’ll highlight some of the things that have been going on lately! Let’s get started!

Ryu Soo Young and Park Ha Sun are confirmed to be in a relationship… #realmencouple Ryu Soo Young’s label admitted the relationship and said, “They’re been dating officially since 5 months ago. We don’t know if they’re thinking of marriage, but they’re dating happily.” The two were on the drama ‘Two Weeks” together, and THOUGH separately, were also on ‘Real Men’! Ryu Soo Young was one of the original ‘Real Men’ members, and Park Ha Sun was most recently on the female soldier special. Park Ha Sun actually sent a leter to Ryu Soo Young while he was on the show, and it’s now been revealed that Ryu Soo Young recommended that she go on the show and supported her endlessly. Maybe Amber can date her seargant after all… Hmmm? HaRyu fighting!

So FTISLAND released a highlight melody their long awaited 5th album “I will”. And pardon my french, but… HOLY SHIT DUDE! it’s awesome! It starts off with a piano ballad opener, there’s parts of a song called “I pray” and then some other songs that were mashed together.It starts off slow, gets rock-y, then slows down again. Hongki’s voice is still dreamy as all hell, and full of emotion! What’s also awesome is there’s going to be a Korean release of their Japanese song “To the light”. You can watch the highlight reel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9rwedsJoEo so far the official tracklist is: Intro”, “Pray”, “Black Chocolate”, “BPM 69”, “Do You Know Why?”, “Hey Girl”, “To The Light”, “Time To”, “Shadow”, “Please”, and “Light”. Their awaited comeback is going to be AWESOME! FTISLAND FIGHTING!

Speaking of comebacks… Guess who’s finally preparing for a Korean comeback? …No not Big Bang… SHINEE! Thank goodness… They didn’t have a Korean CD in 2014, just “everybody” was released. Though they released two Japanese albums this year, and both Jonghyun and Taemin had solo albums, THERE WAS NO GROUP SHINEE! Everyone was doing filming in different TV programs so it wasn’t their fault. Then SHINEE had a successful dome tour in japan. There was even a Jongkey hug on stage … It’s been way too long since the last jongkey stage moment. You can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2snoN7KR7U I felt since Jonghyun had those two fangirl inspired stage moments with Taemin, it became jongtae and jongkey seemed to disappear in an abyss. Plus Key went on we got married global with Yagi Arisa, and Jonghyun looked a bit jealous of Key’s pretty wife. But… JONGKEY IS BACK, BACK BACK BACK! Anyway, SHINEE FIGHTING! Thank you for not becoming a J-pop band… Us shawols got worried! At least you’re not leaving us forever waiting like Big Bang does…

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