Hello everyone, this is NOT a k-pop news article. I’m compiling stories for that segment. In the meantime some news just broke in YouTube, and it broke my heart too! My keyboard is wet with tears! Any who… Let’s get this thing going…

I will be talking about the “boy band” of YouTube. They are called Our2ndLife, or O2L for short. They are a collaborative YouTube channel that started mid 2012 with six members. Each member uploads n a specific day around a central theme that changes weekly. The original members were: Connor Franta, Ricky Dillon, JC Caylen, Ricardo Ordierez, Trevor Moran and Sam Portoff. It was Connor’s idea to start the channel, everyone was a friend of someone and they all got along real well so they started this channel. They even moved into a house together! But in September of 2013, Ricardo was kicked out of O2l for using the channel just to promote his personal ventures. Somewhere in-between Ricardo about to be kicked out, Kian Lawley replaced him. They literally blew up so fast on YouTube, and things were going so well. They passed over 1 million subscribers! But then, in July of 2014 Connor left O2l due to being horribly depressed and having a lot of inner conflict. He just came out gay recently, everyone of his O2l members supports him leaving and being whatever sexuality he chooses. There’s no bad blood, well except for Ricardo… WE DON’T SPEAK OF HIM!

o2l uploads  <— that’s an original upload schedule when all members were present at one time… It remained basically the same when Ricardo left, and when Connor left too.

Anyway… you probably read the title… O2L has announced today via their channel that they are no longer going to be uploading on that channel anymore. They said they’re all still friends and will continue to upload on their personal channels. They even mentioned Connor, that they seem to be on good terms with. Even though Connor kind of took a stab at them in one of his Q&A’s by saying no one was there for him… Anyway, they don’t want to “half ass” the O2L stuff anymore as well as what ever projects they are currently working on. They say it’s not goodbye, but why else would they not be using that channel anymore? Sure Connor basically started the entire project, and I get he’s gone but… They have so many subs and views so I don’t see the point in ending the channel. They do all have separate things they work on; Ricky uploads songs, Trevor is working on another CD, they do charity events… So on so forth. I get that you get busy, and they say they’re not parting ways… So I’m just confused. Maybe it’s a new project all together with the same people , they could re-add Connor in the near future! But with limited information it’s just making us think the worst!

So I checked Ricky’s twitter… I’m trying to decipher what he means here… From what I can guess, they aren’t saying goodbye completely. He says he is going to explain more of what happened in his point of view tomorrow in a video on his channel. He was always kind of the (goofy) leader, so usually when he says something it’s more official? He is the oldest after all. Let me know what you think?

o2l rip 2


I really hope they just make a new channel and “start over”. By all means they deserve a break from hectic scheduling, with tours and meet and greets. I hope it’s not a case of “things changed” or “we don’t get along anymore”. Things seemed to have changed when Connor left, he was literally close with everyone! Ricky seemed more like one to talk to for problems, and he was more of the “cut it out guys” person. But Connor seemed more of the glue, the John Lennon of the operation? All I know is… it will never be the exact same. It’s kind of sad… Hell I cried, hence why my keyboard is wet! I hope they continue on as a group in some shape or form. Even if people move out and do things more digitally than in person, I’d be okay with that. I support their decision, but man am I sad. I made a meme in commemoration!

spongebob sweater tears

Well let me know what you think!

And remember, no hickies!

xoxo, Elise

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