Welcome to this depressing addition of this week in k-pop… Where there’s only some slight good news… OMG WHAT IF 2AM READS THIS! HI 2AM OPPA! ALSO HI 2PM OPPA!

I was so emotional over this whole ordeal I couldn’t write about this topic. While most people were crying over Zayn Malik quitting One Direction, or over the Swiss Alps plane crash, or terrorism…. I was crying over the fact that the legendary group 2am may have disbanded. When I first saw the news I was devastated, and because there was a lack of details I couldn’t get my closure. I’ve been in the fandom since 2008, I’ve loved these guys since I was 13! 2pm also since I was 13. I hoped these rumors were wrong, heck I was sure of it; But… I was wrong (2am joke anyone? T-T Sorry; I know too soon!) 2 members of 2am are signing at a different label, and 4/5 2am members want to act instead. Jo Kwon wants to remain an idol singer as well as do musicals; Maybe he’ll go solo? Okay let’s get into the details!

It was reported that Seulong has left JYP Entertainment and has signed up with SidusHQ while Jinwoon is nearing the last phase of negotiations with Mystic Entertainment under the pseudonym Mystic89. He wants to sing and act so this company will suit him. On a positive note, Jo Kwon has decided to remain with the agency, renewing his contract with JYPE. He was a long time trainee of 7 years at JYPE and is grateful for JYP and all he’s done for him. On the other hand, member Changmin still has six months left until his contract expires, though his intentions are unclear as to what he will be doing next. We may be seeing individual activities from them for now. 2am’s rep revealed, the group is open to promoting together if the timing is right. We hope that timing will be sooner than expected, but in the meantime, let’s wish each member the best of luck on their new challenges!

Speaking of wishing 2am luck in all the do, Jo Kwon wrote a message on the fan cafe today about this topic. I’ll sum it up and put it here: “Every day since last year, we’ve greatly been worried and immersed in thoughts about the contract renewal for the four of us. During that time, every single day was extremely exhausting and difficult to the point I can’t even speak of it now. “I only had my eyes set on 2AM for the first chapter of my life; I was worried about how the fans who followed us up to now wouldn’t know what to do because of the unbelievable betrayal and shock, and my heart hurt. “The four of us definitely always ranked 2AM at 0 [even before 1].  Whether it’s at the beginning or in present time, 2AM is always happening.  I’m telling you this is not the end.” “[Even though] it’s said people do not know what will happen in the future, I promise that the four of us will watch over ourselves in the same place and do our best,” he wrote.”Because of today’s decision, a lot of things happened and in order for there to be no regrets, I will work hard while waiting for brighter days to come.”

So now reading this message makes this whole thing seem ambiguous. 2am has been a boy band sensation for 7 years. This feels like the end, but Jo Kwon claims it’s not. They may support one another’s solo activities from now on and there’s no ill feelings, but who knows if they’ll actually make a comeback as a group? Especially with 2 members gone, would it be a 3 member group instead? It makes you wonder, and it hurts me just thinking about it! In the words of 2ne1 너무 아파, 아파 (neomu apa, apa apa). It hurts it hurts it hurts! T-T I hope this isn’t the end of 2am.

I’m going to rant a little bit about this since I’m a JYP stan… Why would anyone leave JYPE anyway? It’s a great company to work for. You have nearly complete artist creativity so idols can actually write their own music or choreograph (unlike SM where it’s like you have to beg and beg and beg…). JY Park and the other song writers write very catchy songs. JY has a few solo albums under his belt, he can sing and play piano too! He has great vocal teachers to train trainees, unlike YGENT who basically ruined Bom’s voice and gave her vocal nodes. Even though most groups have dating contracts and all, JYP is pretty lax on that stuff. He let Sunye from the Wonder Girls get married, and leave the group still under contract to be a missionary in Haiti! Hell he let Suzy date Lee Minho! She debuted with Miss A in 2010 so her dating contract wouldn’t be up yet, right? Also, though JYPE was a company that came later and didn’t have as much instant popularity… They have really high stocks and are #2 in value in Korea (just under SM, and half their artists haven’t had to buy stocks in the company like at SM when their stocks dropped). JYP also owns a lot of shares in smaller music companies, along with SM and YGENT. There’s been many controversies lately in contracts for KPOP idols, and JYP has had NONE! SM has had 3 major ones, Seoul shop has one with Megan Lee… OH THE LIST IS ENDLESS! Though I greatly respect Seulong and Jinwoon’s decisions… I think it’s actually quite foolish… I get they’ve been there forever and maybe want change, but they might regret it in the end…

Anyway… I have better news! 2pm has renewed their contract for three years! And ALL 6 MEMBERS DID! THANK GOD! 2pm is known for their awesome dancing that has acrobatics, catchy dance tunes and wonderful voices! If I saw them leave I’d cry even more than I did for 2am! Taecyeon is my bias and Nichkun is basically my side ho. Hell GOT7 is basically a SHINEE (Ha-ha… I meant shiny…) new version of 2pm. They’ve covered a lot of their songs live, and their groove dance style with modern elements of R&B and pop, and the acrobatics that they call martial arts tricking! I’m not dissing GOT7 in any way, I’m just proving my point that 2pm is quite influential. They’ve influenced a lot of stylistic things in the KPOP world even outside of JYP. So I’m glad they’re remaining as a group despite all their solo projects recently!

To wrap up this long post of 2008 nostalgia… 2AM you’ve been in my life so long; I’m sad of the departure of Jinwoon and Changmin. I hope one day you all actually reunite on stage to perform and write new songs again like Jo Kwon oppa promised. And 2pm thank god you guys are going to remain together for 3 more years, hopefully more! 2pm has been in my life the same length as 2am, so I’d be pretty distraught if you disbanded. HOTTEST and IWILL’s unite! 2am fighting~! 2pm fighting~!

And remember, don’t shake hands with a jelly fish… And no hickies!

xoxo, Elise

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