Earlier today Rockstar Games teased what many hope to be the followup to Red Dead Redemption. Rockstar’s logo is generally black and yellow but today was changed to red on both their twitter and website. Red was the primary color ascetic in the game which was used everywhere from loading screens, to promotional materials.

This color change is the tease of all teases. Many, including myself, have been hoping for a sequel to the beloved game series for a very long time. Every time E3 came around I would always have my fingers crossed in hopes for a Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer. Keep in mind this could also be a tease for a revamped edition of Red Dead Redemption for the PS4, but I really hope this is not the case.

So far this is the only clue we have to what Rockstar has planned but even this is vague at best. Maybe soon we will get a trailer for something. I for one will keep my fingers crossed as always. That’s all we have for now but we will keep you guys posted, let us know what you think in the comments below or reach out to us on our Facebook fan page, our Twitter @badcoyotefunky, or to me directly @dabeardedmenace.

As always this is David The Bearded Menace saying be easy and stay frosty out there.



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