Fans get to write to the popular Cartoon Network block “Adult Swim” for years now, and in-between commercial segments, they will answer some of those questions.


Since 2015 we’ve been teased and told that we would get Samurai Jack the following year. Obviously, that hasn’t happened, and we’re dying to see what has happened since the season four conclusion.

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One fan was ready drunk and able at their keyboard one night and decided to just ask flat out. “ Whats going on with Samurai Jack?” God bless them, cause they finally got a proper response even if it was from a bump.

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“March 11th, 11:30 p.m. is what’s going on,”

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Yes, folks, we have a date and the countdown begins. In the meantime, we have been given a marathon of Samurai Jack leading up to its Season Five premiere.

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