The thing we love most here at Badcoyotefunky is pizza. The thing we love more than that is anything fan made such as cosplay, art, gaming and movies. A pair of film makers based out of Vancouver, British Columbia Canada have done just that. RP WhaBam is a YouTube channel ran by Mike Parkerson Jr. and Stacy Roy, they have such shorts as “Smash Bros: The Early Years” and “Sith D Bags”. Yet, the short that was brought to our attention and is also the main focus of this article is their most recent short film, Silent Hill – the Cosplay Fan Film.

Staring cosplayers, made by cosplayers and of course for cosplayers, this short film is a good example of what people like us are all about and what we are capable of creating. Using good camera angles, great acting and great directing the film makers are able to tell us a story of two people trapped in the nightmare that is Silent Hill. Check it out below and as always please tell us what you think in our comments section.

This is David The Bearded Menace saying be easy and stay frosty.




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