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So we’ve had quite a few comebacks this summer. We have had 2pm, SHINee, Big Bang, Wonder Girls and GOT7 just to name a few. And there are three big comebacks AND a debut of a YG group for September! If you saw the title you probably got an idea…

Since Girls Generation did their set of promotions, other SM girl groups can now promote. Girls Generation is somewhat SM royalty (as they should be) so there weren’t female groups from the same company promoting at the same time. Now our two underdog girl groups at SM can get a turn. I’m talking about F(x) and Red Velvet. To me F(x) is the bigger underdog because they were never really well marketed in the first place. I’ll talk about them first.

They will be promoting as a 4 member group; yes Sulli officially left. I admit it will be weird to hear what kind of music they will be doing as a 4 member group, but it should still be really good. Amber had a solo this year and it was fantastic (Henber shipper) so I can’t wait to see them slaying again. Their last set of promotions got cut short from Sulli’s scandal with Choiza, which lead to her hiatus and the haltĀ of f(x)’s promotions of Red Light. Not to say it was Sulli’s fault, but in a way she did hold back her group. Sulli wants to focus on acting, which is fine, but I wish that was determined sooner. There was no decision made for the longest time if she was still apart of F(X). Sulli wasn’t part of their Baskin Robbins promotions a while back, so it was to be expected. As far as we know, Sulli still belongs to SM but she’s just acting now. Between Sulli and the rumors of Krystal leaving (due to what happened to her sister Jessica) wasn’t helping F(x). I’m glad to hear that’s been sorted out. Though it’s sad Sulli left at least the group is moving forward with promotions. They have such a unique sound.

And now we talk about Red Velvet. They totally blew up this year. They deserve the success they got. With the introducing of their new member Yeri they were quite the topic. They were rumored to be a rotational group when Yeri was introduced, also with all the SM rookie girls in their Happiness video it was bound to be said. SM clarified and said Yeri was added because she was originally supposed to debut with them but was too young to debut with them (when Korea changed broadcasting laws to 16). This explains why they only did singles until Yeri was finally added, adding her to a whole album would have been a lot of work. Yeri has added a unique flavor to Red Velvet’s already charming charms. The members seem more cheery with her around; Yeri is really cute and a really good performer at 16 years old. I can’t wait to see what their new content will be. I loved Ice-cream cake!

Before i get to Ikon I’d like to talk about the F(x) vs Red Velvet thing. There was a theory Red Velvet debuted before Yeri could be added to cover Sulli’s scandal. Their debut was planned way before all that happened so honestly it was just bad timing on SM’s part. SM is not one to postpone debut or anything unless it’s really bad. To make matters worse, Red Velvet got a fandom name by SM and F(x) has yet to get an official fandom name. So there was a bit of jealousy and feuding between fans. Red Velvet was paired up with Girls Generation as their unnie’s and not F(x) amidst controversy. But to be fair Red Velvet is cute and not as swaggy, so Girls Generation was a fair choice. Amber and F(x) made a point to say they really like Red Velvet so the controversy died down, finally… But seriously SM, why doesn’t F(x) have a fandom name? I get it has been 6 years and it would be kind of pointless now because there’s already a fan approved name, Af(x)ion (hope that is spelled right. affections?). I just would like to know why. Maybe they’re so cool they don’t need one but seriously they’ve kind of been on the back burner and poorly marketed. but anway F(x) and Red Velvet fighting! A collab between the two would be awesome!

And now we get to iKon. The infamous iKon. Formerly known as Team B. The donsaengs of Winner. Their debut got pushed back quite a few times. YG is very picky when it comes to debut and often rejects a lot of material, so this was to be expected. Soon in YG time is like 2 years. It was said Winner and Ikon submitted over 50 songs to him and he turned them all down. So he finally found material he liked for iKon so now they can FINALLY debut. The most we saw of iKon after Team B was a cameo in a Winner performance, and Bobby in Lee Suhyun’s “I’m different”. I’m excited to see what they bring to the table. There’s 7 of them, as far as I know, and they seem to be more hip-hop and edgier than Winner. Winner has the Big Bang layout, having 2 rappers (one that can also sing) and three singers. Arguably Winner is a reboot of Big Bang, just younger and cuter; So they’re somewhat soft compared to iKon. ikon should bring some new flavor and variety to the table. The theme of them competing with Winner seems prevalent because Winner is supposedly coming back this year. If that’s the case it’s W.I.N all over again…

But I digress… I can’t wait for F(x) and Red Velvet’s comebacks, and iKon’s debut should be awesome! iKon should slay their debut stage. In the back of my mind I wonder when Winner, Lee Hi, Akdong Musician and 2ne1 are coming back. And what happened to Pink Pun’s debut? We shall see about those groups…

And remember, no hickies!

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