Well guys, Star Wars Celebration is officially wrapped up and we wont see another one for two whole years. Chances are you are beginning to show the effects of the “Con Hangover” which is basically what happens when you go back to work the week following a Convention and have to deal with the real world.

Some conventions give stronger hangovers than others, some take longer to take effect, but all are terribly missed when they are over; Star Wars Celebration is no exception. But do not be sad, instead rejoice in the memories that were made, the adventures you had and the new friends that were met. In every convention I go to, I enjoy the Cosplay the most which is why I take so many photos of you lovely people.

So here they are, Star Wars Celebration Orlando Cosplay Volume 1. If you see yourself please let me know and I will add your name to the photo. If you see someone else tell them so they can see them selves. Check them out below and please share the gallery around.

Make sure to check out Volume 2 and Volume 3!


David "The Bearded Menace" Valle

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