Big news from today, Star Wars Episode 8 will officially be called Star Wars The Last Jedi. I feel that this name is very ominous considering where we left Rey and Luke Skywalker in The Force Awakens. Other than the death of Han Solo, The Force Awakens ended on a really high note. The resistance discovers the location of Luke Skywalker, Rey flies off in the Millenium Falcon and the movie ends with Rey handing Luke is old Light Saber.

It is at this point we are lead to believe Rey begins her Jedi training with Luke. So the question is, what’s the meaning of the title The Last Jedi, and furthermore why is the logo red? Of course I have a few theories on this.

Red has always been associated with dark side users because of their red Light Sabers so what if one of our heros falls to the Dark Side? What if Rey can not overcome her anger and turns? Or even worse, what if Luke finally fulfills his destiny and turns to the Dark Side much like Anakin did so many years ago? Maybe Luke dies, but exist as a Force ghost helping Rey in her Jedi training much like Obi-Wan did in The Emprie Strike Back and Return Of The Jedi. Maybe Rey dies.

Another theory is, what if Jedi stands for both Rey and Luke. The pluralization of Jedi is Jedi. The Republic always refereed the Jedi as a whole, The Jedi Order, so The Last Jedi could very well mean both Rey and Luke. It could also mean Kylo Ren turns to the Light Side and becomes Ben Solo again. The murdering of his father was meant to destroy any shred of light he had left, but it could of had an adverse effect which turned him back to the light.

We can literally be here all night discussing many theories about The Last Jedi and the meaning of the red logo but as we all know this can be thrown out the window once a trailer drops. But before a new trailer hits the interwebs let me ask you guys, what do you think this all means?

Let us know in the comments below or on social media via our Facebook and Twitter pages. Star Wars The Last Jedi hits theaters December 15th 2017.

As always this is David The Bearded Menace Valle saying be easy and stay frosty out there.


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