Ok…where to begin. Let’s start at the beginning, which is the end…or the finished…well what ever it is the Star Wars Twitter page has confirmed the principle photography has finished. On Halloween, Mark Hamill posted a photo on his Twitter page of his newly shaved baby face which says to us that filming is over….or Luke Skywalker is dead. I like to go with filming is over.


A moment of silence for a fallen beard…thank you.


So let’s get down to it, rumors, gossip, basically what’s going to happen in Episode VII. But before you read any further keep in mind….SPOILER ALERT!!
Once again these are just rumors we here at BadCoyoteFunky have come across via different message boards, Star Wars Fans and news feeds. Only two rumors to my knowledge have been confirmed and those that are not confirmed were gathered from various forums, fan sites, fans and news feed. Please do not take any statement as fact as for the references cold not be confirmed as well.

  • We believe from “leaked photos” that Luke is in seclusion and possibly lives on Tatooine
  • The story is based around Kira Solo played by Daisy Ridley. And the story is she travels to find Luke.
  • The biggest unconfirmed rumor we heard at NYCC 2014 is that the story begins on Bespin with two kids scavenging the bottom of Cloud City. While scavenging they find a light saber griped by a skeletal hand. Yeah you guessed it..Luke’s hand. At some point the two kids bring the saber to Han Solo and so the story goes on. Once again this sounds super far fetched but it is worth mentioning.
  • We believe we will have Storm Troopers, or at least Storm Trooperish characters so this could mean The Empire returns or that small remnants of it still exist.
  • Best rumor that is a confirmed fact is John Williams will return to score Episode VII…yes.
  • The Millennium Falcon will be in Episode VII, as will X Wings, striped Imperial Walker.
  • We heard rumors of who the main villain will be and the range is as hilarious as it is awesome.
  • One rumor is that the villain could be Mace Windu kept alive over the years by his hate of Skywalker and the Jedi who let him down. He has fallen from grace and has become a full fledged Sith Lord hell bent on hunting down the last of the Skywalkers
  • One forum I came across even stated that the big mac daddy him self Lord Vader will be resurrected. This also seems very unlikely since I couldn’t find any more detail on it except for that.
  • Last but not least, the biggest and best spoiler/rumor of them all…Luke Skywalker becomes the new Sith Lord. That’s right, Luke fallows in his fathers steps and becomes Darth. The story is Luke has become the most powerful of Jedi. So powerful that it drives him mad which is why he goes into seclusion on Tatooine. It is also rumored that Luke takes Kira Solo as his apprentice…

We also heard rumor that a one minute teaser trailer is in the works and will be released very soon. With principle photography at an end this also means we will see a full fledged trailer this holiday season in theaters if not sooner. And you best believe we will see the most epic of a trailer during the upcoming Super Bowl. So that’s it, these are the rumors we found most often and seemed the most plausible if not confirmed but I’m sure there are more out there. Do you guys know something I don’t know? Want to comment on this post or reveal a confirmed fact you know?? Please leave us a comment below, we really want to hear what you have to say. Till next time be easy, stay frosty and may the Force be with you.




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