After months of waiting, months of internet rumors and hours upon hours upon hours upon hours upon hours of refreshing every media source we have at our disposal, (it was a long Thursday night/Friday morning), we finally have our tease trailer for Star Wars The Force Awakens. And for the record, you guys have nooooo idea how often I accidentally type The Forced Unleashed when writing these posts. The trailer did show us a lot for the most part. It showed us that Storm Troopers or at least an army still does exist. That at least some of the story may be on Tatooine, or another desert like world. We still have X-Wings although they do look upgraded but since the story takes place 30 years after Return of The Jedi then it makes perfect sense. A new droid, not sure what he will do but we got one. T.I.E. Fighters….that beautiful Falcon and the subject that has been causing lots of neckbeard rage…the Cross Light Saber. But let’s go a little further and discuss what else we saw in the Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer.

John Boyega is the first actor we meet in The Force Awakens trailer. Boyega, an English actor has had two roles prior to Episode VII in the UK so he is virtually an unknown much like the original cast of A New Hope. At this point we don’t really know what part he plays except that he will be an important if not main character. The Storm Trooper armor has been a subject of controversy being that most Storm Troopers in the original movie are believed to be white males and that the clone troopers from the prequels are clones of Jango Fett. But if you go into the once canon universe of Star Wars now labeled as Legends, you find that by the time of the Galactic Civil War most clone trooper regiments were disbanded and units and troops we replenished by non clone humans.

“With the development of the new Imperial war machine,the clone trooper armor was upgraded. Additionally, the new Emperor ordered the extermination of the Jedi Order, the members of which had served as officers in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars.  Within the new regime, the clone troopers—now known as Storm Troopers—were placed under the guidance of Imperial officers and governors instead. As the clones’ accelerated aging process began causing their skills to deteriorate, they were replaced by non-clone volunteers and conscripts”

Wookieepedia – Storm Troopers – Canon

So with that said it is very possible and likely that Storm Troopers could have been humans of any race just so long as they are human. If you search even deeper you find that later on in the Star Wars universe they had female troopers as well.

And who is to say Boyega is playing a Storm Trooper character. I mean sure he is wearing the armor but he could be infiltrating much like Han and Luke in A New Hope, or he could even be a solder for the newly reformed Republic. If you ever play Star Wars : The Old Republic you’ll notice the troops wear Storm Trooperish armor.

My theory, if you watch the trailer you’ll notice that Boyega is in a confused almost scared daze so maybe, just maybe the new Empire is kidnapping and brainwashing potential recruits or even Force sensitives. It does look like he woke up from a crash or explosion and if you listen very very carefully you’ll here that faint sound of an Imperial Drone sending out a signal as Boyega walks away.

Next we have  Daisy Ridley, another new addition to the Episode VII cast. Also an unknown English born actress, it is believed Ridley will play the role of Kira Solo, daughter of Han and Leia Solo and will be an important if not main character. In this scene we see her possibly on Tatooine riding away on a funky looking speeder. If you look closely in the image above it looks like she has the staff of a Tuskin Raider. So far most of the trailer looks as if the movie spends most of it’s time on Tattooine.  Even the scene with the Falcon and T.I.E. Fighters looks as if the dog fight is taking place over The Dune Sea.

So the question remains, why is the back drop so far on Tatooine? Are they maybe looking for something? Luke perhaps? What is happening in the story where our characters are possibly looking for Luke Skywalker? Is that even happening at all? Could it be Luke and the others are looking for something in Bens old home? Or maybe I’m just looking to far into this.

Next we have what looks like what could be Oscar Isaac playing the role of a Rebel Pilot in an X-Wing. Unlike Boyega or Ridley, Isaac has several films under his belt but most of which were small roles. What this scene shows us is newly design X-Wing fighters and pilot helmets. What could we be seeing here? Possible battle formations, training exercise, rescue mission?

Lastly we have the now infamous Guarded Light Saber. Many people are angry at this scene because they think the saber is dumb, it’s the next Jar Jar Binks mistake, that it’s impractical, basically everything under the sun is said about this one very scene. In my personal opinion, and this is where I’ll lose a bunch of you guys, I think the saber is kinda cool. Also, compared to other sabers that have existed in the Extended Universe, it’s actually not that extreme. In the extended universe we have light saber whips, light saber pikes, light saber pole arms and much much more. If you also pay attention to the blade texture you’ll notice it is fracturing quite a bit, almost like fire. In the extended universe the Sith are known to make unstable out of phase sabers. The saber crystals are made out of concentrated hate and anger and are generally unstable which is why they are out of phase. These types of sabers on a few occasions have been known to actually break though other sabers. The are sooooo over powered they break the crystal in the opposing saber. Also if you look at his stance he looks very very aggressive. If you have ever played The Force Unleashed, this is a very very Star Killer pose. Only difference is the saber is not reverse grip.

Star Killer by Storm Brain

Also as for who the villain could be, we have heard that it may be another newbie to the universe Adam Driver, mostly know for the HBO series GIRLS where he plays the character Adam Sackler.

And finally, the narrator. I’m not gonna dance around it, but we believe the voice is Hollywood legend Max von Sydow! If you don’t know who this man is then you don’t watch movies. He is a Hollywood icon and legendary great.

Edit: It has been confirmed through many media outlets that the the narrator for the teaser trailer is Andy Serkis. Motion capture actor for such films as The Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit, Rise of the Planet of The Apes and King Kong. 

So that’s it folks. That’s all I got to say about the trailer. Once again most of it is speculative opinion and theory. As always I want to hear what you have to say so please comment below. This is David The Bearded Menace Valle saying be easy, and May The Force Be With You.


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