Blur Studios is back at it again creating the most visually stunning cinematics the entertainment world has ever seen, and in the new trailer for Knights of the Eternal Throne, the new expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic, they aren’t pulling any punches. For those unfamiliar, Blur Studios has worked some of the most infamous gaming cinematics featured in major titles such as Halo, League of Legends, Doom, Far Cry, etc (they also worked on the Deadpool movie).


This story revolves around the Royal Family of the Eternal Empire in the Old Republic, mainly the strongest child of the family, the evil emperor’s daughter Vaylin. The immortal Emperor Valkorion and his wife Senya had three children: Thexan, beloved by the public and later killed by his brother Arcann; Vaylin whom was so power had to be locked away by her farther to focus her power, and Arcann who killed his farther and accidentally killed his brother Thexan in the process. (full story can be found here)


If there was a kick starter for Blur Studios to make a full length Old Republic film, I would campaign for every Star Wars nerd (including myself) to┬átake all of our money! This six minute trailer told a better and more coherent story than X-Men Apocalypse and Suicide Squad, take note Hollywood, this is how you weave a compelling story that makes ever single fan who views its on screen presence with their optic stems, salivate….too bad the game isn’t as compelling. What if Naughty Dog teamed up with Bioware to give us a Star Wars game that would be as gripping as this trailer? I think thats a collaboration would print its own money. What do you think?

Knights of the Eternal Throne drops December 2, 2016

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