Welcome to this week in K-pop! We just got hit with a huge story! Let’s get to it!

You read the caption and gasped too right? That’s what I did when I saw koreaboo mention this on facebook. The news has come out through multiple entertainment sources that Sulli of f(x) has officially stopped all activities as an f(x) member and will be leaving the group. The initial controversy arose when her relationship with Choiza was revealed and she took an extended hiatus to focus on “personal matters”. WHAT?! It has been confirmed F(x) will have a comeback as 4 members (Krystal, Luna, amber and Victoria). SM has yet to say anything yet… All we know is that Sulli is still contracted under SM. F(x) as four will most likely have their comeback in September after Girls Generation has theirs in July.

I am speechless… I can’t even right now… I am still recovering when Jessica left… Amber was just on Sketchbook with Henry and this subject wasn’t brought up surprisingly. I know Sulli liked to act… but god damn… I saw her act in “To the beautiful you” and really liked her acting. I’d just like to say I’m a bit mad about this. Who wouldn’t be? Red light’s promotion were cut off because of Sulli… no offense girl but… This happened to two members of MBLAQ and that’s why they left (left to pursue acting), NOW F(X) TOO?! I should’ve saw the signs when Sulli wasn’t in the Baskin robins promotions. F(x) always seemed to get shafted (for lack of a better word?) at SM. 6 years and no official fan club name. Haven’t had as many comebacks or attention as they should have…

So far two SM girl groups had a member depart, and another Exo member is in question of leaving (Tao). It hurts to be an SM-stan right now… Girls Generation and F(x) were always compared to one another. GG is more feminine and pop sounding, when F(x) is more “Swaggy”. I love F(x) for not being some girly group. They are great live and have awesome songs. To be honest, I thought Krystal would be the one to leave, since her sister left and there were rumors Jessica wanted to get her out of SM. I am shocked… Still in shock… Red Velvet please stay together, okay? and Exo, please don’t have anymore people leave!

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