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The social media scene has been a buzz lately for a few k-pop stars. Heechul of Super Junior has recently privated his instagram account and is taking a hiatus from his weiboo account updates as well. There’s been hate among the Super Junior fandom since the announcement of Sungmin getting married… That’s a long story in itself so we’ll discuss that first…

Super Junior as a whole has been taking a hit, not just Sungmin. There’s been a K-elf trend with #sungminout in koura following the news of his marriage. Sungmin confirmed his marriage and that’s when the hate started. Sungmin stated how he won’t be absent from Super Junior’s activities and still intends to be the idol that he always was. Heechul went as far as to write a personal letter to his fans and has been doing things like bowing to them when he’s seen them. Sungmin said this in his letter: “I thought of what to say first many times. I kept erasing what to say over and over again and thought of all the thankful voices and faces. I am carefully letting you guys know that I have met someone special and will be getting married December 13.” The two lovers met on the set of “The three musketeers” and were inseparable since. He’s been so considerate to his fans and everyone around him, don’t hate on Sungmin oppa! Sungmin fighting!


Anyway… Heechul was quoted saying this about his social media hiatus “I will return after the ups and downs settle down a bit. I am sorry to everyone… Thank you. You guys haven’t done anything wrong..” I’m glad I’ve been subscribed to him a long time so I can still look him up. Heechul fighting! The repackaged Super Junior album comes out on the 23rd of this month, so us elves can look forward to that!

Now let’s talk about Exo, some more news came out. Kris is staring in a new movie called Lao Pao Er”, directed by famous director, Guan Hu. But that’s not all… Kris is rumored to be signed by the Huayi Brothers agency in China. This has been rumored for while. Huayi brothers denied the rumors previously, saying since they took Han Geng from SM they didn’t want to become a refugee camp for mistreated Chinese k-pop stars. But… There’s an instagram photo that is fueling the rumor that Kris actually signed with this agency. This rumor was recently brought to light after the CEO of Huayi Brothers uploaded a picture of his daughter with Kris on his Instagram, with the caption “hey new family member“.
Coincidence? I THINK NOT! Either way, Kris is doing well for himself since leaving SM in may. Kris was my bias as an Exo fan and he will always be my number one, no matter where he shines he’s still my star! Kris fighting!

Since we brought up Kris, let’s talk about Luhan now. Chinese media stated how Luhan wants to enter the Chinese movie scene. Reports claim that Luhan is earnestly hoping to star in upcoming Chinese drama “Zhu Xian,” which begins filming next month, alongside top Chinese actress Yang Mi. Luhan has already started his acting career with his first film, the Chinese remake of the Korean movie “Miss Granny” which released movie posters with Luhan on them earlier this week. It seems Luhan is following in Kris’s footsteps. Maybe that rumor of all the Chinese Exo members isn’t so far fetched huh?

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