Welcome to this week in K-pop! SM and SM C&C is in the hot seat this week!

Well SM is in the hot seat this week. Tao is no longer listed as an Exo member on any websites, including Tao’s own social media! Tao removed his Exo tag on his instagram and Weibo. And it was also announced by Chinese media that Tao is having a Chinese solo! WHAT?! SM what the heck is going on here, is Tao still in Exo or not? Is he still an SM employee? PLEASE LET US KNOW!! I know Tao’s dad stepped in and wanted his son’s contract terminated… It got him to get study in the US and to be able to do things on his own, but has it gotten so far? Tao seems to want to be far away from Exo and SM as possible. So why won’t his legal party or SM step in and make a statement?! Speaking of SM making a statement…

SM has still yet to make a statement about Sulli’s departure from F(x). All we know is F(x) is going to have a Summer-ish comeback with 4 members, which doesn’t include Sulli. SM claims that was already planned because of her dating scandal. Hmmm don’t buy it… Amber has un-followed Sulli on instagram recently. Sulli has been on a European vacation away from everything. It seems she doesn’t even want to be around for F(x)’s comeback. I’m pretty sure this implies she’s done with F(x)… SO WHY WON’T SM MAKE A STATEMENT!

Now for the big story… Tasty is possibly disbanding, or at least hauling Korean activities. Tasty put this on their SNS “We’re announcing that after eight years, our time in Korea is coming to an end. There were many things that we could not negotiate with our company, and after much consideration we have come to this decision.”They add, “Although our time in Korea is ending, we won’t stop making music.” And if that’s not saddening enough, Woollim entertainment had quite a nasty statement. “We have been working hard to support Tasty’s various activities and fulfill our joint goals,” they say. “We completed recording a new song with the goal of Tasty staging a simultaneous Korean and Chinese comeback in June, but then we confirmed that Daeryong and Soryong had suddenly left for China without notice. After that, they cut off all communications with the agency.” “We have seen their social media posting,” the representative continues. “But we still don’t think that this is the worst-case scenario. We’re currently waiting to hear from Daeryong and Soryong.” So this could get ugly quite fast. We don’t know who exactly started what here. All we know is Tasty wasn’t promoted well through Woollim; Infinite seems to have been prioritized over Tasty. And when Lovelyz debuted, Tasty was hindered once again.

Soryong hasn’t done much Korean media since We Got Married Global. So it could be Tasty is frustrated and just wants to go elsewhere, or what Woollim said could possibly be true. It seems a lot of Chinese stars come into the K-pop industry and leave. Though due to Korean laws, Chinese stars are often mistreated. SM is great at that. SM and Woollim are together, so technically speaking it’s an SM thing to do. I hope for the sake of Tasty it’s just that they’re frustrated and want out of their company, and that they get out with not much trouble. We don’t want them to have a broadcast ban like JYJ did after the whole TVXQ thing… STAY TUNED FOLKS!

And remember, no hickies!

xoxo, Elise

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