The latest Captain America: Civil War trailer is perhaps the most ominous yet. This newest footage is part of the expected batch of new trailers accompanying the Super Bowl. In it we see the resulting destruction of the Avenger’s schism as well as each side’s lineup. We also get a look at some brand new Stark Tech as Tony (Robert Downey, Jr) quickly armors up his hand to deflect a close range bullet from The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan). An eerie chant echoes throughout the entire trailer, culminating in a fully armored Iron Man proclaiming “You chose the wrong side.”

Check it out!

Does this new trailer have you pumped? Are you also wondering where the hell Spider-Man is in all this? Let us know!

Captain America: Civil War is directed by the Russo Brothers and hits theaters May 6 2016.
Source: Marvel

Amber Sbriglio

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Amber Sbriglio