So… whats up with Destiny right now? If you’ve been following Bungie, you probably already know that we have 2 complimentary recent news items: the Age of Triumph Event and Destiny 2 announcement.

Lets recap our current Destiny journey. The game was first released on September 9th 2014 after pulling into the station on the Hype Train with blockbuster publishers partnership of Activision and Bungie. While Activision is known for championing many AAA titles, Bungie had been primarily known for the popular Xbox exclusive franchise Halo. Destiny launched with 2 announced expansions the Dark Below and House of Wolves, followed by 2 later expansions: the Taken King and Rise of Iron. While the vanilla game received a variety of opinions that span the whole satisfaction spectrum, Bungie developers continuously updated the game by listening to and implementing much of the players feedback. The strongest of these expansions was the Taken King, which featured a much more cohesive storyline and gameplay improvements.

Sprinkled in between major expansions has been Events. Some of these corresponded to real world holidays. For Halloween we had the “Festival of the Lost” where we got to wear masks, collect vanity items, and candies. Valentines Day had “Crimson Days” which encouraged 2v2 PvP matches with objectives that relied on not just your success, but also your partners. Most recently last December we had “the Dawning” which brought similar PvP scoring mechanics to Strikes and the return of the “Sparrow Racing League” which we had seen the holiday season before. Also of note is the Iron Banner, a reoccurring PvP event every few weeks where Destiny players are treated to elite matches which unlock more exclusive gear and experience for a limited time.

Since the original Destiny is coming to a close, Bungie wanted to celebrate the last 3 years of the game. Starting on March 28th, players will be participating in the final major event “the Age of Triumph”. Upon logging into Destiny after the start date, players will be treated to a cinematic voiceover by the Speaker, voiced by Bill Nighy, praising your Guardians many successful missions and heroic deeds. During this event, newly updated 390 light level Raids will be provide consistent exotic weapon drops, an Age of Triumph record book will join your inventory to award prizes by completing tasks, and updated versions of popular weapons and armor will be available.

But lets talk about the main event: Destiny 2. While many saw the Taken King expansion as kind of a sequel to the main game, Bungie announced some details about the true follow up. For instance, the controversial decision to not carry over any items from the first game. This allows the freedom for developers to build a solid foundation for the future game. For Guardians that have reached level 20 and made it passed the Black Garden (the final vanilla story mission), you will be able to carry your physical appearance forward into the new game. Fun fact: this is the one thing I most desperately wanted to change.

What about release dates? While no official date has been announced, an Activision investor call/slide confirmed that the sequel to Destiny was on schedule to have a release in 2017. Leaked images of posters also hint at a September 8th release date. On March 27th the official Destiny twitter account tweeted:

This image was then disseminated throughout the various social media platforms. The following day Destiny dropped a teaser trailer featuring fan favorite Cayde-6 drinking away his recent woes while the last city crumbles. Check it out.

Hopefully we will see more from Destiny 2 at E3 this June. Get Psyched.

In the meantime, log back into Destiny classic and rain some chaos down on hostile enemies across the solar system and grab some of that sweet sweet loot. For the Traveler! Or the Tower! Or the Vanguard! Or the Iron Lords! Or whatever the hell the story was. Full disclosure, I wasn’t really paying close attention to the storyline. I just like shooting things in the face.