The news keeps on running with the addition of not just one but TWO new speedsters coming to the hit superhero TV show The Flash.

The first addition to be announced was that of the Kid Flash himself, Wally West.  It looks like with the casting of Keiynan Lonsdale we might be seeing a take on the character that runs alongside the New 52 version of the character (but that’s just speculation).  Not too much more has been announced for Wally other than the casting, which makes sense and widens the casting diversity even more.

The second announcement comes with the casting of Teddy Sears as the one and only Jay Garrick.  Although Jay is considered the original speedster, he got his powers from a different source.  Jay was a junior in college and was working on a project to purify hard water, he took a cigarette break, knocked the whole thing over and voilà; He became The Flash.


Again, based on the teaser image released, we can gather that this incarnation will follow the pre-New 52 version of the character, but until we see the show it’s all speculation.


This comes as no surprise, as we did catch a brief glimpse of Jay’s helmet in the season one finale, so comic fans everywhere are rejoicing over the classic look of Jay.

So what do you think, loyal readers and listeners?  Is this a welcomed addition to the league of speedsters or is three a crowd?

Booster Greg

Booster Greg

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