At San Diego Comic Con the first ever trailer for The Justice League live action movie has been released. Director Zack Synder has gotten a lot of blow back from the failure of Batman versus Superman, but I still give him some directorial respect as he brought a lot of incredible comics to to life, such as 300, Watchmen, and Man of Steel (yes all of those movies are badass).

Does this trailer give anyone else a Suicide Squad vibe? The use of the White Stripes “Icy Thump” doesn’t play well as the serious tone of the visuals and upbeat tempo of the song seem to fight each other. Nice try Zack, or marketing guy (you never know if its the studio or director’s hands in marketing). In the trailer Aqua Man is a drunk who helps a local village, Barry Allen (The Flash) is a quirky kid who is willing to help Bruce Wayne because he “needs friends” (cringe line is cringe), Wonder Woman is the second in command next to Batman in the squad, and Cyborg is a jock who through an unfortunate accident, got his robotic body, hopefully we get to see his origin.





Even if you didn’t like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, you have to admit that Zack Synder gave us, along with the help of Ben Afleck, the best live action version of the caped crusader that has ever been seen on screen (even Christian Bale said he didn’t do a good job).



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