1999. Not only did Prince sing a song about it once, but it was phenomenal year for pop culture. Stars Wars made its “triumphant” return, Britney hit us “Baby, One More Time”, Bruce Willis was dead the whole time (SPOILERS), and a Sci-Fi movie with an absurd green and grey color palette was about to bring forth film concepts so wild, it would set the tone for special effects for the next decade. Tropes we would see repeated and parodied over and over again to the point of cliché. This iconic piece of cinema of course is the Matrix, directed by sibling team the Wachowskis and spawning 2 big screen sequels the Matrix: Reloaded and the Matrix: Revolutions. These movies catapulted star Keanu Reeves into legendary action hero status for his portrayal of Neo, the Chosen One. The final installment of the series was released in 2003 and since then, there hasn’t really been much reputable chatter regarding rekindling the franchise… Until now


The Hollywood Reporter announced today that Warner Brothers is attempting to revive the world of Zion, in some iteration, with the studio courting Michael B. Jordan for the leading man. Michael B. Jordan has had a strong resume destroying our emotions in several powerful television roles such as Wallace from HBOs the Wire, Vince Howard from Friday Night Lights, and Alex from Parenthood. More recently he has starred as Johnny Storm in the not so Fantastic 4, boxer Adonis Johnson in 2015’s Creed, and we look forward to seeing him in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe movie Black Panther. Michael B. Jordan sounds like an interesting choice considering the role of Neo was originally intended for 90’s superstar Will Smith, who turned down the role to star in Wild Wild West, a movie whose theme song was more popular than the actual film itself.

Also attached to the project is writer Zak Penn. Zak has several decent writing credits including Last Action Hero and story/screenplay contributions to many film adaptations of Marvel comics like X-Men 2, Elektra, X-men: The Last Stand, the Incredible Hulk, and the Avengers. At the moment, there is no word on what/if any involvement the Wachowskis or Keanu Reeves will have in the project. Keanu has said, in passing, that he would explore revisiting the role of Neo if the Wachowskis were involved. While Its hard to imagine a Matrix without Keanu, for now we at Bad Coyote Funky will get our epic gun-toting action fill from John Wick 2, now in theaters.

When life gives you lemons, always remember: there is no spoon.





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