Look out world, there’s a new Iron Man in town and she’s a black lady! Riri Williams is an exceptional teenager, at only 15 years old she attends M.I.T by day and fights evil by night in her very own suit of armor by reverse engineering Tony Stark’s work and stealing materials from the M.I.T campus.


This does mean that Tony is going to be stepping out of the suit for a period of time (we are being led to believe it’s a permanent thing, but we all know the only permanence in the MCU is that Uncle Ben stays dead no matter what, so we will see.) In the comics is going through quite a bit of a change as his company is falling apart, his best friend has died and he recently found out who his real parents are, so it makes sense that Tony will be taking a break in order to get himself sorted out (hopefully without the help of a bottle this time).


It’s not entirely surprising that the role of Iron Man has changed so drastically, Marvel has been making a valiant effort at diversifying their roster as of late with the addition of Miles Morales to the main continuity and the gender swap of Thor as well as Vision.


What do you guys think? Will Riri stand out amongst the crowd or will she never make it out of the beta test?

Booster Greg

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