After nearly eleven months since we saw the pilot, our prayers have been answered– Amazon delivers a brand-spanking-new trailer for the full season of THE TICK!

The one big change you might notice immediately is that The Tick’s new outfit looks great! It’s a total armored-up improvement over the insectoid version in the pilot. Actually, ticks are arachnids, so it was a more arachnoid version, I guess…? Look, it’s weirdly veiny and buggy and gross when you see the details up close, okay?


I didn’t exactly have the inkling to criticize the costume when I reviewed the pilot many moons ago, since the excitement over a prospective new The Tick show overshadowed my inner critic. However, now the show is coming– with a definitively better costume– for real this time! KEEN!

If you don’t know anything about The Tick, portrayed here by the ever-gregarious Peter Serafinowicz, this trailer gives you a pretty good idea. Optimistically endearing and nigh-invulnerable, this larger-than-life-hero out to protect The City. He’s faster than ten fast men, more powerful than a parked SUV, and able to fall from skyscrapers in a single bound. Other heroic feats include throwing a car tire with finessed accuracy, reacting with more insult than injury when hit by a rocket, and engaging in effortless fisticuffs with a super-villain assassin / bounty hunter.

The trailer shows off dutiful (if nebbish) sidekick Arthur (Griffin Newman) testing out his incredible moth-themed super-suit for the first time, and a big ol’ bro-hug between the heroes. We also see few re-used snippets from the pilot with the flashback scenes featuring The Terror (Jackie Earle Haley).


Honestly, for as much as the trailer is a feel-good two-minute spot in my YouTube day, not much else is revealed, and that’s… a little disappointing. I’ll be the first to tell you that a trailer revealing too much is a huge mistake (looking at you, Batman v Superman), but a trailer showing too little isn’t going to entice an audience at all. The Tick as a franchise hasn’t exactly dominated headlines in over a decade, and as any fan of anything will tell you, it’s tough to catch viewers with nostalgia alone.

I’m still on board, of course, but I’d pretty much have to be after destiny brought The Tick and I together once. As for the rest of you, THE TICK premieres exclusively through Amazon Prime on August 25th, 2017.


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TV's Casey Stroz
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