With the Avengers trailer relatively fresh off the presses and invading your Youtube feed many of you might be wondering… Just who in the hell is this Ultron?  Well look no further, I am going to boil it down for you as entertainingly and as briefly as I can.  Since we all know you don’t come here for the articles but the cosplay pictures (yes I saw that Snow White cosplay too.)

ANYWAY, Ultron is the brain child (quite literally) of Hank Pym (The original Ant Man)’s genius.  Using his own brainwaves as a basis for Ultron’s artificial intelligence, Hank Pym created Ultron in a vain and naive attempt to help humanity.  But much like any science fiction tale, Ultron quickly realizes that the only way to really help humanity is to get them to stop hurting one another, and the most efficient way to get humanity to stop hurting one another is to naturally enslave and kill us all!

Seems legit right?

Ultron then goes on to create the android Vision, using Simon Williams (Wonder Man) brainwaves as a basis, which inevitably leads into a crazy robot mutant human love triangle, but we won’t really go there.

OKAY FINE! Vision+Scarlet Witch 4EVA but Wonder Man less than 3’s Scarlet Witch, and she doesn’t feel the same… Kind of messed up when you think about it.

But what are his “powers” exactly?  Ultron’s shell is typically made entirely out of adamantium, the same unbreakable metal as Wolverine’s claws and skeleton.  He can possess super strength, speed and stamina and can control any form of networked technology… So he’s a lot like Skynet in that regard. He is also an expert strategist and has been known to mind control non technological beings (such as Jarvis and his own “father” Hank Pym).  Not too shabby for a crazy android with a slight oedipus complex right?

Booster Greg

Booster Greg

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