Instead of a K-pop article, today I will be posting about a band that’s local to me (Connecticut). Please enjoy!

The band I am talking about today is a band called Crossing Rubicon. They are based out of Bristol, CT. Crossing Rubicon is a hard rock independent band that is working on their first complete album. Crossing Rubicon’s music is described as “A throwback to metal of the 80’s and early 90’s, as band such as Queensryche, Alice in Chains, Metallica, Judas Priest, and Iron Maiden, while having a modern rock sound”. The (current) band lineup consists of Scotty Anarchy on Lead Vocals, Brandi Hood on Drums, Matt Douglas on guitar, Zach Lambert on Guitar and Steven Riccio on Bass.

The Story:

Crossing Rubicon began as a two-man project involving Scotty Anarchy and Pete Ahern (Red China Blue). Then the current drummer, Brandi Hood, joined shortly after. Zach Lambert then joined as the group’s second guitarist. Jeff Diablo joined in the spring of 2010 as the group’s bassist to round out the lineup. Pete stepped away from the band in the summer of 2010. Rob Dolan joined to fill the lead role through four very successful shows including opening slots for In This Moment, Nonpoint, Pop Evil, and Rev Theory. In March 2011, the group’s current guitarist Matt Douglas took over as the group’s permanent lead guitarist. Success continued as the band landed opening slots for Motley Crue, Bret Michaels, and Tantric. Bassist Jeff Miles stepped away from the band in late 2013 to be replaced by the group’s current bassist, Steven Riccio.

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Upcoming performances:

Crossing Rubicon will be one o the opening bands for All That Remains at the Pearl City Ballroom on 12/19/14 at 9pm in Northampton MA. Order your tickets here: IT’S A MUST SEE! All that remains is awesome, and so is Crossing Rubicon… You haven’t bought your ticket yet? Damn DO IT NOW!

The band plays many local (Connecticut) venues. They are at bar so there are no tickets (I think), and are 21+.  Here’s a list of those:

  • 12/06/14 they will be playing with Tear Gas Union at Allstars in Manchester, CT at 9pm.
  • 01/10/15 they will be playing with Sever the Drama, City of Homes, and American Burn at Bleachers Bar in Bristol, CT at 9pm.
  • 01/16/15 they will be performing at Riddles Pub in Naugatuck, CT at 9pm.
  • 4/18/15 they will be performing at the Main Street Tavern in Stratford, CT at 9pm.

Check out their music video from 2012 here:

PS: Scott’s hair was so short here!


Links for the band:

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