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Is Red Velvet member Wendy racist?! … When I saw this caption on allkpop I naturally had to click on it. It linked a one hour radio show that red velvet was on. I’ll link it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tWz-6uOJmU Wendy does impressions, she’s quite the comedian. She was being egged on by her fellow members and the radio hosts as well. They knew she’s from Canada and she’s traveled other places. She’s lived in more “ethnically mixed” places. They were talking about white and black people. South Koreans like western culture so doing impressions seems reasonable, right?

The alleged racist imitations that Wendy did of a white girl and a black guy were in the video from 14:15 to 14:25, 14:43 to 14:47, and 14:58 to 15:02. She did a white girl, a black girl, and a black guy. After this interview, THE INTERNET BLEW UP!! There’s a video upload of this interview and the comments are warring back and forth! There’s the argument she’s racist, that it was poor taste, or it’s not racist at all. Honestly, ethnic impressions are meant to be jokes. Americans do it all the time and we don’t get dumped on for it all the time, now do we? Some people were saying that Red Velvet is a bland group anyway so they needed to do this for attention, and that Koreans make fun of American culture more than they like it as an industry. People seem to misunderstand; Wendy is from Canada so the “liberal humor” trait is common (in western culture). We all do impressions that include vernacular or an accent, if not both! In Korean culture and Asian culture in general (I dated a Chinese guy with a very traditional family you know? And I’m dating a Korean guy right now) things tend to be more on the conservative side. What Wendy did is considered much more harm than funny since she wasn’t being conservative. So people should just stop bashing her and Red Velvet because of it, okay?

What bothers me the most is the radio hosts egged her on and they’re not being bashed! Jia from Miss A is one of the hosts; she did her own white girl impression right after Wendy did hers. And is there any hate towards Jia? Nope JUST WENDY! People say Wendy should “know better” and that the “she’s young” excuse is inexcusable, BUT JIA IS WAY OLDER THAN SHE IS! If anything Jia should be the one who people are mad at, she’s not from the US or Canada and she’s intimidating a race she doesn’t have regular contact with! Red Velvet has had a lot of trivial hate since they started, so I guess this another one on the list. The race thing has been twice now, first on their video for Happiness and now this?! Leave them alone for gods sake!

Back to the impressions thing… So many sources of media play on a culture or race now-a-days, so why is this any different? So many movies depict race now a days. Comedians do skits that use people of certain races. Even music artists are going out of the lines and trying new things that maybe someone of their culture didn’t do in the past. Guys we are past racism, get over it! I had gotten so mad at the comments in the video so I had to write my own. This is what I said:

Guys she’s from canada, just stop. It’s impressions. Impressions are stereotypes. It’s not racist. Sure South Korea has no flavor of other cultures, so having this on a radio station is indeed misinforming other Koreans…. But I digress. Impressions of someone or something is merely acting. If it’s racist then every comedian or joke towards another culture is racist. People like Kevin Hart who talk about black stereotypes… Or Ralphie May who did the skit about the mostly black movie theater down south where he was imitating the black girls in the theater (cuba diving in the ochean). People get mad at Iggy Izalea for using a “black gansta accent” when she’s a white girl from Australia. People make fun of other ethnicities too, lots of people imitate Italian accents and make pasta references and you don’t see us blowing up. Plus there are movies out now-a-days that depict on this culture of stereotypes. The new movie “Dear white people” and other movies like “White chicks” and “mean girls” have stereotypes! They’re humor they are not serious!The point is, we all do impressions of other people of different races of our own, sure it looks bad on a live program when they have such a clean, innocent image, but it’s a part of life. Wendy is western since she’s from Canada so she’s a bit more out there and less conservative than the other 3 girls. She’s not racist so stop saying this!  

 Need I say more? One race and or culture does not define a person or how they are supposed to act. But, a lot of stereotypes still hold true even in the slightest! I also noticed if someone who isn’t black is making fun of another race, it gets so much hate! But if a white person, or someone who’s not white, makes a black joke everyone gets so butt hurt. There’s movies like “white chicks” “Dear white people“ and “mean girls” who have PLENTY of white stereotypes and there isn’t riots is there? And when black comedians like Tre Melvin and Kevin Hart make jokes about their own race there’s no riots. When they make fun of white people or someone who isn’t black there’s no hate, is there? But if someone isn’t black and they act “black” people go in a god damn tizzy! By the way, acting “black” isn’t a thing. There’s acting “ghetto” or “ratchet” or the use of “Ebonics” but that isn’t exclusive to black people! Other ethnic groups use those terms and behaviors, it often depends on location! It’s like how Iggy Izaela is called racist for “imitating” a black guy when she raps. I get a lot of major hip hop artists are black, but that don’t mean she can’t rap and sound like them!

But I digress… Wendy Son is not racist! She’s not racist for doing an impression! It’s acting! Technically speaking, when you act you’re becoming another person. So you aren’t being yourself, and to become this other person you use things like impressions, stereotypes, ect. So stop hating on Wendy and on Red Velvet!


And remember, no hickies!





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