The long awaited Final Fantasy XV has arrived  and we are a full week in!  Square-Enix has done it again, they’ve released their 15th iteration of the final fantasy series and it is gorgeous!  We get to play as Noctis and his Royal Guard ride around the countryside hunting beasts and taking down the evil empire one base at a time.

Final Fantasy’s battle system is like none other we have seen before, so I’ve found it would be helpful to include a few pointers and tips to stay sharp in your battle to reclaim your spot in history..

Here are some minor yet helpful tips for those new to and seasoned Final Fantasy veterans:

Stay in school

Take the tutorial on how to do everything. I know this seems tedious for some, but it will be a great benefit to understanding how the new battle system works.

TutorialCut me Bro!
Since the battles are no longer turn based, you have the ability to use potions and phoenix downs immediately, without wasting the chance to attack.

15288449_10101285328613296_6794211473820757419_oRise my child

Phoenix downs can be used by ANYONE. As Noctis, when your danger meter runs down and out, you still have a chance to revive with that glorious talisman. This has not been really well communicated and is such a huge factor mid-battle.

15304109_10101292824795886_7440311763920953159_oHoard it!
As far as I’ve seen there is no inventory cap. Do not sell anything. You’re going to find your gil. Just keep hunting bounties and complete side quests.

15392860_10101292823842796_4732281029609776615_oMagic Magic!
Why should I not sell anything? Elemancy; Best described as creating your boom booms! Do not forget this walkthrough. it’s important to know how to craft. Those random non-consumable supplies you are avoiding to sell are going to give you some excellent options when it comes to crafting your weapons and spells.

15385294_10101292825454566_3564417788867050682_o3×4=EXP BONUS!!
Know your multipliers. Eat right exercise often and sleep well!(Get it?) The places you rest set a multiplier for the next day, the higher you spend, the better experience bonus you receive. Meals will grant you temporary buffs, pick the ones with experience or combination with HP boosts.

15385444_10101292824107266_3145302243407356629_oDie Hard..or don’t.
When out meandering on side quests and hunts, don’t be afraid to die.
This game saves often, and you can come back quickly without any loss in progress. If you happen to expend all of your phoenix downs potions etc.. if you get stuck on a main mission, trouble will haunt you like a Flan looking for some delicious magic.

15392774_10101292824386706_4779809444568435798_oI’m too cool to die anyway.15418324_10101292825190096_4984697291185257070_oIs this a titan?


It’s totally a titan.

Thanks for checking us out here at BadCoyoteFunky! I hope this bit of information has been helpful to you as you dive into you first thousand hours of Final Fantasy XV!

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