It was on Wednesday, July 3rd 1985 that a little ol’ movie by the name of Back To The Future was released in the United States. A phenomenal adventure that sparked a trilogy which has stood the test of time and exist in every one of our movie collections. Other than time traveling in a DeLorean or very quotable movie lines, the most significant contribution Back To The Future gave was the concept of the Hoverboard. Forget flying cars, self drying clothes or even the concept of the internet, all we ever wanted was a Hoverboard. With 2015 fast approaching, the real date Marty McFly went to the future well….the time is here.

Hendo Hover Board

Hendo HoverBoards, a company based out of Los Gatos Ca, has developed the first ever functioning hoverboard. I know what you are thinking…what about that video that came out a few years ago with Tony Hawk ridding a hoverboard and random people riding it and Christopher Lloyd getting all emotional about it blah blah blah. Well I have to admit, I was very skeptical too but I did my research, had a few beers and found the tech behind it and Hendo’s kickstarter campaign.

The tech behind this thing that gives it lift are four disc shaped engines on the bottom that create a magnetic field that lifts the board and inch off the ground. At the moment the surface needs to be a  non-ferromagnetic conductor. The board is designed to be propelled by foot power but it could all be propelled by its own power meaning you can essentially give this thing a gas pedal and it will move.

Cool thing about the company Hendo is they are selling an object called The Whitebox Developer Kit. Basically they give you four hover engines to turn anything of relative size into a hover craft, vehicle, chair if you can make it work, what ever! But don’t take my work for it, check them out your selves, and check the video below!

Sounds like a great idea? Think it’s trash? Over the whole Hoverboard thing? We want to hear what you have to say so please comment below!



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