You just can’t keep a good superhero down, and the latest news from the WB Animation camp has proven just that.  Late last night it was announced that production on the third season of the hit superhero show Young Justice has already begun.

For those of you who have been living under a rock Young Justice was hugely successful animated show following the protégées of DC Comic’s most powerful heroes.  Under the watchful eye of Batman, the team would do covert black-ops style missions to further develop their ability to work as a team and to hone in their own skills.  The show had the admiration of critics and comic book fans alike as the show dealt with more complex storylines and relationships as the show went on.


Reports claim that Young Justice was suddenly canceled due to the low sales of merchandise, such as action figures, video games and DVD sales. Speculation amongst fans and the media will credit the streaming Ultra-Mega-Giant-Zord Netflix for the sudden renewal for having it as a part of their streaming catalogue.

No word yet on what network Young Justice will call home, or how many episodes season 3 will offer, or even an air date, but this news will certainly be the highlight of the news cycle for all of us DC nerds. Here’s hoping we get to see another jump in time like they did between season one and two! There is also a new website that only contains a promotional poster for season 3 and an opt-in mailing list to keep up to date on Young Justice news. But you can enjoy the promotional poster right here!

Young Justice Poster

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