So this past weekend I had the honor and pleasure of being a vendor at Yourminicon in Meriden Connecticut. Created and ran by Melissa Schwartz and Will Case, the con was smaller than your average con but still a great one non the less. The con was purposely meant to be small just for the simple fact that it was created for the fans and patrons of well…cons. As a vendor there I have to say that it was kinda cool how homey Youminicon was. I saw friends of mine from the Cosplay community here in Connecticut and made new friends from the surrounding New England area. The entertainment was a KISS cover band called KISS Forever. They sounded great and their costumes were cool as hell. They looked and sounded like KISS. It was cool to see them walking around and interact with everyone and I, The Bearded Menace, was knighted by The Demon himself.

Other vendors who were right next to me at Yourminicon were my good friends, The Connecticut Ghostbusters. The Connecticut Ghostbusters are a non-profit group based here in Connecticut that create and fabricate props and replicas from the Ghostbuster’s movies like proton packs, traps, uniforms, a giant print of Vigo and of course, Ecto 1. Connecticut Ghostbusters go to many events, screening and of course do lots of charity work. Needless to say, these are the best group of people to be next to when vending at a con.

Another fine group of people I got a chance to talk to and hang out with at Yourminicon is So Wizard. So Wizard is a pod cast group based out of Massachusetts for the most part and their podcast are very funny and informative in my opinion. I got a chance to hang out with these guys and gal after the con, drink with them and just have a good ol’ time. One of the co-host/writers Tom VanZandt has created and published his own comic call Unhappy Gran’Ma, a comic about an 80 year old Irish woman in Boston who has decided to take matters into her own hands and defend the innocent. Yes, you read that correctly and I suggest that all of you check it out. Hopefully, we can podcast with them soon…hint hint.

I also got a chance to speak and get interviewed by Pamela Isley of Dr. Chris Radio of Horror. The Dr. Chris Radio of Horror broadcast on 91.3 WCUW in Worcester, MA on Sundays from 12 midnight till 2:30 am Monday morning. The show talks about, well…horror. But they also talk about comics, toys, movies, and most things that we all enjoy. Check them out, give them a call and tell them BadCoyoteFunky sent you!

Decimated Designs, based in Meriden Connecticut, is a special effects/make up company owned and operated by Kyle Pasciutti and Bobby Arel. Much like Connecticut Ghostbusters they fabricate set pieces and props but they also have a number of services to offer such as FX Makeup, Foam fabrication, signage, scenic design, custom design work and from the looks of it costume/prob consultation. I can say with confidence and out of personal experience these guys are good. I my self had air brushing done to my face to make me look more Sithy and they made me look very very scary. They have years of experience to offer and a local talent like no other. Check them out on the link above and see what they can do for you!


Last but not least my group, CT Jedi. We are a Light Saber choreography group based out of Milford, Connecticut and we practice and perform fights from the Star Wars movies as well as create our own fight choreography. For practice we use many aspects of Kendo and other martial arts for footwork and movement. CT Jedi has been running strong for five years and was started my Peter Malishchak. If you are from the New Haven County or even Fairfield County and would like to join us please check us out on Facebook, send us a few likes and come to practice. Keep in mind, you do not have to be a Jedi to join. Sith are welcome.

All and all the con was a great experience not only as a vendor but most importantly as an attendee. This was Yourminicon’s first year so it will only get better and better as time goes on. I know I usually do Photography at such events but since I did vend and was in costume I barely got a chance to take any photos at all. If you attended and took photos of the event please feel free to share with us and Yourminicon on their facebook page. Any photos submitted will be given full credit to those who took the photo. For a full list of guest including yours truly please check out Yourminicon’s webpage.

As always please comment and let us know what you thought of the con, like and share. This is David The Bearded Menace Valle saying be easy and stay frosty out there.



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