At the Golden Globe Awards Zoe Saldana let it be known to an MTV reporter that she will be appearing in Avengers: Infinity War as Gamora, her character from the 2014 summer box office smash hit, Guardians of the Galaxy.

I don’t know when they’re gonna let me read it. I mean, I’m not looking forward to the five hours of green make-up, but every time I finally arrive on set I feel so happy and lucky to be there.Zoe Saldana

The other miscreants from Guardians of the Galaxy have yet to be confirmed for Avengers: Infinity War, and I believe I speak for a lot of people when I say that we need to see an exchange between Tony Stark and Peter Quill, the shtick, the gags, the bits flying back and forth will be worth the price of admission alone. Undoubtedly the Marvel Cinematic Universe will high school dance partner each member from the Avengers and Guardians together in an attempt to create a movie full of one liners and incredible cinema battles. Captain America talking to Groot seems right some how…and I can’t help but wonder who would compliment the fighting style of the opposing Marvel team in an all out inevitable dynasty warrior battle through faceless army of throw away henchmen to shut down some sky portal (kinda king Marvel vs Capcom). What do you think of Gamora in Avengers: Infinity War, comment below or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook @BadCoyoteFunky


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